Zanotta: 60 Years Unique and One Challenge That Embraces the Future

Zanotta Designs

As a contemporary interior design firm, it's our job to keep up with the pulse of design and to create interior environments that push the boundaries in any given moment. Even so, we are always impressed by designers who have decades of historical success behind them and still remain on the cutting-edge of design. Zanotta is indicative of this rare … [Read more...]

Tuuci’s Largest Shade Product Introduced To-Date Wins Design Excellence Award During HD Expo

Tuuci's Design Excellence Award at HD Expo

TUUCI is one of the world's leading high-end designers and manufacturers of innovative shade structures. If you've visited Casa's Outdoor Showroom, you've seen their parasols and shade canopies in action. Recently, TUUCI was honored when their new design, The Shade Pod, won the Design Excellence Award during the HD Expo in Las Vegas. According to … [Read more...]

Discover the New Table “Tracks” by Alain Gilles

Tracks by Bonaldo

While we always have the chance to appreciate a final product, or read about its technical specifications, we rarely get the opportunity to hear exactly how a particular design or furnishing came to fruition. So, Casa Design was pleased to come across this short video where designer Alain Gilles talks about his new table, "Tracks" and the process he went … [Read more...]