2014 Ilbagno Collection For Antoniolupi


The Ilbagno collection for Antoniolupi was designed by Robert Lazzeroni. It is the epitome of timeless. The impression is as if you are walking into a luxurious Romanesque bathroom yet the materials and finishes are decidedly modern. Ilbagno Collection Pairs the Luxury of Antiquity with the Convenience of Modernity Let's take a look at the … [Read more...]

Maximize Your Small Living Space With These Tips


Our day-to-day habits remain the same, regardless of whether we live in a studio or a mansion. The way we design and use our living spaces, however, is decidedly different. Small living spaces require efficient interior designs in order to remain uncluttered, functional and stylish. Interior Design Tips for Maximizing Your Small Living Space Set up … [Read more...]

Pedrali Featured in New Contemporary Palazzo by Giraldi Associatl Architetti

Giraldi Associati Architetti

Here on the East Coast, successful architects typically house their firms in high-rise buildings and large office spaces. If you're a growing professional firm in Florence, Italy, however, requiring significant square footage, you might just find yourself in the market for an historic palazzo. Such was the case for Italian architecture firm Giraldi … [Read more...]