A Timeless Design from Danish Foersome & Hiort-Lorenzen

Diamond Collection by Cane-line

A true appreciator of design can't help but curate a few favorite pieces from designer collections each year, but there is also comfort in selecting timeless furniture items that become personal favorites and can be kept part of the household's furniture rotation year after year. We suspect the diamond back high chair from Danish designer Foersome & … [Read more...]

The Moooi Evokes Grandeur and Clean Simplicity

Farooo Lamp from Moooi

Moooi designs evoke grandeur and the elegance of another era without being superfluous. Their designers have a knack for using clean, simple lines - and often geometric patterns - to create luxurious results. Moooi Blends Grandeur With Simplicity Here are examples of furniture pieces that, in the words of Moooi, bring "...a touch of grandeur to your … [Read more...]

Meridiani Presents a Modern Take On the Classic Dining Table

Meridiani's Spencer Table exudes a a sophisticated yet relaxed elegance.  Source: Meridiani's Spencer Table

The dining table is a classic furniture piece - symbol of home, family and delicious meals. Meridiani's Spencer Table is a modern take on this classic symbol, combining a solid and immutable presence with a sleek aesthetic. Meridiani's Spencer Table: A Modern Take on Tradition Meridiani is a relatively new company, founded in 1996 by designer Laura … [Read more...]