MDF Italia Renewing Its Latest Collections

MDF Italia is breathing new life into its Inmotion, MIA and Flow collections.   Source:

MDF Italia is one of the most prolific designers of upscale modern furniture and furnishings worldwide. Their designs often win awards for innovation and style and several of their collections have become icons in the modern furniture sector. MDF Italia Renewing Popular Collections A Few MDF Italia collections, including Inmotion, MIA and Flow are so … [Read more...]

Extremis Shares New Seating Designs Inspired by Nature

The designers at Extremis have created The Bundle, a seating and swing design, inspired by nature. Source:

Mother Nature is full of inspiration. For the designers at Extremis, they have crafted a wonderful collection of comfy cozy seats that appear as if they've come straight in from the wilderness. Among their most popular, the Bundle is truly a work of art. The Bundle is a series of powder coated aluminum tubes connected with straps for both strength and … [Read more...]

Graphic Designers Join Together For Grafica Collection

The Gráfica Collection by Sancal is the result of a fusion of graphic and industrial design.

The technical realm isn't the only place where digital and analog are merging. Recently, graphic design and industrial design came together in a new way, resulting in the Gráfica Collection. The Gráfica Collection by Sancal Sancal is a Spanish-based design company known for its enthusiastic support of art and artists, both of which comprise the roots … [Read more...]