Giuseppe Vigano’s Auto-Reverse Dream Bed for Arketipo Firenze

autoreverse bed

Do you ever have those days where you wake up, already fantasizing about how wonderful it will feel to crawl back into bed at the end of the night? Welcome to busy 21st century life. It seems the Giuseppe ViganĂ² auto-reverse dream bed was designed for just those days. ViganĂ² designed the bed for Arketipo Firenze and it is designed in the same vein … [Read more...]

See What We’re Offering In the New Casa Outdoor Line

Bivaq Slat

Summer may be wrapping up but we'll still enjoy wonderful autumn weather outside. Our Casa Design Outdoor Line is full of new products, some of which come to us by way of renowned Spanish furniture designers, Bivaq. Vint. The Vint furniture line is a streamlined collection that, while not entirely minimal, is easily absorbed by the landscape in which … [Read more...]

Bonaldo Presents New Versions of Octa table by Bartoli Design

Bonaldo Octa Table

Back in 2013, Bonaldo won the "Good Design Award" for their Octa Table. The original Octa was a rectangular shape with an unique 3-D star configuration forming the base of the table. The eight legs yielded the table's name. This year, Bonaldo released a new version of the Octa and it is receiving rave reviews. The new version of the Octa table has the … [Read more...]